It appears that when using the recommended method of {if no_results}{redirect=404}{/if} in a template that uses the template layout feature, it duplicates the layout, if a layout is also used on the actual 404 template. The 404 template lives at errors/404 it includes the following:

errors/404 template

404 Error Content Here

When viewing a normal page that 404s (sitename.com/pagedoesntexist) it works as expected.

_layouts/master template


On instances that do not work as expected it's set up like the following:

Sample template using the 404 redirect tag

   Content Here

   {if no_results}

This results in the file rendering the master layout twice (double header + footer in my instance) because the {redirect=404} tag is essentially copying the results of the /errors/404 template into the template that contains no results instead of displaying the 404 page as usual.

Is there a way around this bug, preferably that doesn't require enabling php in templates?

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This is a known bug in EE 2.9.0: https://support.ellislab.com/bugs/detail/20471/site-index-template-is-rendered-after-the-404-template

The fix from that thread:

Open system/expressionengine/libraries/Template.php and find this code on line 2236:

ee()->output->out_type = "404";

And REPLACE it with this:

ee()->output->out_type = "404";

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