I am currently using Low Replace to clean up content exported from EE to be used as a JSON object. This means cleaning up new lines, spaces, escaping quotes and backslashes. I am able to get the first three to work. However I cannot seem to find a way to escape a backslash.

I've even tried to map it as a replacement option in pi.low_replace.php

private $_map = array(
        'SPACE'   => ' ',
        'QUOTE'   => '"',
        'NEWLINE' => "\n",
        'PIPE'    => '|',
        'BACKSLASH'    => "\\"

No luck.

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Figured it out...

'BACKSLASH'    => "\/"

Also found out I didn't need to modify the plugin.

{exp:low_replace multiple='yes' regex='yes' find='\/|QUOTE|NEWLINE|/\t/' replace='\|\QUOTE|SPACE'}

Works like a charm.

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