I have the following php code in a template and it's not parsing the whole thing. Any idea what the issue is?

Here's the php code:

include "Eventbrite.php"; 

$authentication_tokens = array('app_key'  => 'YOUR_APP_KEY',
                           'user_key' => 'YOUR_USER_KEY');

$eb_client = new Eventbrite( $authentication_tokens );

$events = $eb_client->user_list_events(); 

Here's what's being outputted on frontend:

'YOUR_APP_KEY', 'user_key'=>'YOUR_USER_KEY'); $eb_client = new Eventbrite( $authentication_tokens ); $events = $eb_client->user_list_events(); ?>


First thing, do you have php enabled on the template? It looks like it is thinking that:

include "Eventbrite.php"; 

$authentication_tokens = array('app_key'  =>

Is just a bad html element. So make sure to enable php on (I think you want) input.

Second, make sure that Eventbrite.php is actually being included correctly.

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