I'm looking for a way to handle a grid field with the channel entry API.

Documentation has nothing, and could barely find anything else online about except for this: Inserting a new Grid row using the API, but there is no solution through the API.

Has anyone figured this one out yet?

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I'm pretty sure you can just pass in the fieldname the row and column like

$data['field_id_X'][rows][new_row_1][col_id_1] = 'row 1';
$data['field_id_X'][rows][new_row_2][col_id_1] = 'row 2';

Just increment new_row_x as needed and match up your col_id_x numbers

  • Thanks for this, your answer was pretty much spot on, jigged it around a bit and posted an answer to this myself. Aug 27, 2014 at 19:52

Very close to @johnathan-waters answer I imported new grid rows using this code

$data['field_id_X']['rows']['new_row_Y']['col_id_Z'] = 'value';


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