I'm doing a customized Channel Form but I'm having trouble getting the options in the relations within my grid...

MENU (title) » DISH (text on grid) » » INGREDIENT (relationships on grid)

But in my Channel Form I have tried to load ingredients with exp:channel:entries - but it only gets the entry_id / title from the entry being updated in the form.

I can't figure out how the tag is build...


    < select multiple name="field_id_12[rows][new_row_0][col_id_4][data][]">
             {ingredients:entry_id} +
    < /select>

Anyone who has the knowledge? :-)


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Ha, not sure if this is exactly what you want, but I was able to once map out how to tie relationships to a grid for our company. I hope this helps:

{field group:field label}
      {field group:field label: grid field name 1} --> one item
      {field group:field label: grid field name 2} --> another item
{/field group:field label}

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