I am utilizing CartThrob to collect invoice payments, since several of my clients have been requesting it. The invoices can be up to $20,000. If my clients want to pay by CC, then I want them to pay the CC charges, loosing $300 on a $10,000 invoice hurts just a little bit. So I am trying to get CartThrob to calculate the convenience fee. I have tried several things…

Using CartThrobs shipping function

This works quite well. I can set the shipping fee to be a percentage of the total fees and CartThrob automatically adds it to the total to be processed. But then in the future, if I ever need to charge shipping fees, I can't.

Using add_to_cart function

I began to test this. First I added a product and used the add_to_cart function to add it to the cart. But parameters from the add_to_cart_form such as allow_user_price and price do not work, they don't override the price set in the product entry.

This was quite promising because I would use the delete_from_cart function just before the add_to_cart function so I could always reset the price., not in

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I see no reason why add_to_cart_form with allow_user_price and price would not work. Could you post the code you have? I use this in many of the products I've created to allow for dynamically created prices. You could try placing a price input field within the form rather than it being a parameter. I have an example of this below where I use it for adding additional charges on a separate page when customers are requested to pay a little more:

    {!-- return="{template_group}/basket" --}

    title="Nominal charge"




            <select name="item_options[type]">
                <option value="">-- Select --</option>
                <option value="Additional delivery charge">Additional delivery charge</option>
                <option value="Additional product cost">Additional product cost</option>
                <option value="Other separate payment">Separate payment</option>
                <option value="Returns">Returns</option>
                <option value="Other">Other</option>
        <p><label>Description:</label> <input name="item_options[description]" value="" class="input" /></p>
        <p><label>Order ref:</label> <input name="item_options[order_ref]" value="" class="input" placeholder="Order number if applicable" /></p>
        <p><label>Amount:</label> <span class="price_field"><span class="prefix">{exp:cartthrob:view_setting prefix="yes"}</span><input name="price" value="" class="input small" /></span> <small>(excl VAT)</small></p>
    <input type="submit" value="Add to cart" class="button purple r" />

Of course you could place this anywhere, say at the bottom of the cart area before.

I hope this helps

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