Is it possible to use Low Search for creating a store finder kind of search?

I'm currently using Channel Search in combination with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine and while it's pretty good the search system also uses a large number of categories. I'm seeing some performance problems because of this.

I've recently used Low Search on another site to search through and filter a large number of categories and I've been really impressed by its speed.

So what I'm hoping I can do is combine Low Search with Google Maps for ExpressionEngine to get a fast search system which allows the user to search for properties within a radius of a specified location.

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Low Search's Distance filter requires that lat/long values are stored in two separate channel fields. Also, you need to feed it lat/long values yourself; it won't take data like a post code as a starting location.

If these conditions are met, you can use the Distance filter to filter entries by distance/proximity. If not, then you'd need a custom filter or extension to allow for it.

  • That's interesting. I didn't even know about the distance filter. I best go and read the docs again! Thanks!
    – foamcow
    Sep 2, 2014 at 17:52

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