I am running into a problem with the fieldpack checkbox on a site I am developing.

I am using the following code inside an {exp:channel:entries} loop, but the first two entries is echoing out the if conditional as seen below.

Channel entries loop: {exp:channel:entries channel="stories" orderby="entry_date" sort="desc" limit="20"}

if conditional:

{if "{story_type:selected option='Video'}"}
    <span class="prl-overlay-area o-video"></span>
{if '{story_type:selected option="Audio"}'}
    <span class="prl-overlay-area o-video"></span>

What the page shows:

enter image description here

as seen here: http://new.danaloeschradio.com/ (below the gunbox ad).

Can anyone help?

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Looks like I figured it out. For reference in the future.

Here was the culprit:

{exp:ce_str:ing remove_html substr="0|150" xss_clean}

specifically, "substr". This method of ce_string and P&T Fieldpack did not play nice together on the same page. I fixed it by using the following alternative method.

{exp:ce_str:ing remove_html truncate="150|..." xss_clean}

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