I am using Profile:Edit to display the "Forgot Password"/Reset form. They work fine. I get the Notification email, but in the email I get this:



To reset your password, please go to the following page:


Then log in with your username: {username}

If you do not wish to reset your password, ignore this message. It will expire in 24 hours.

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Notice that {username} does not get rendered.

I found this post: Does {name} always equal {username} in Forgotten Password template? which suggests that {name} and {username} are the same, but not so. In my case, {name} = Admin, and {username} = super_admin.

I am not sure if this is an issue with EE install or Profile:Edit. Thoughts?

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I would say this is an EE omission or simply a typo, although I've not used Profile:Edit before.

The text in your email notification (Design > Message Pages > Email Notifications) is the default 'forgot password' notification, and when you look at this page in EE, you can see the variables available for use in the template; {username} is not an option but its been included in the template.

Forgot password notification template

Although {name} and {username} can be different, EE doesn't offer the facility to remind people of their username at this point, only to reset password. Other templates do include the {username} variable, so I can't imagine it would be too difficult to add.

It would make a nice touch to be able to include it in the password reset process, as this is triggered by your email address, which might not be the username.

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