I've recently updated a site from EE 2.7.3 to 2.9.0. A client has pointed out to me that she can't log into the CP but instead get's the message:

This form has expired. Please refresh and try again.

I didn't get this message using Opera but managed to repeat the error using Firefox (on OSX).

After much fruitless searching around and playing with session settings with the CP, I tried disabling Cookie Consent and suddenly was able to log in using Firefox.

The problem is that I really need to have Cookie Consent enabled because of the nature of the client's business. So I'm wondering if anyone has had this same problem and has found a work-around?

I'm also using the latest version of Cookie Consent 1.1

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I'm having this problem too. What I do is, um, refreshing the form.

You may find this bug report useful


Also helpful is this bug report and workaround by on Github by diogomiguel: https://github.com/EllisLab/Cookie-Consent/issues/2

(I found the line numbers a little off, with line 111 actually needing to be line 107 and line 98 actually 96)

Cookie consent tries to clear csrf token preventing forms from being submitted on newer versions of Expression Engine (tested with 2.8). Possible workaround solution, is to add an if statement to prevent csrf token from being cleared. If extension->end_script is called on the same function, the problem will occur during the first submission too.

Temporary suggested solution:

add to ext.cookie_consent.php (Line 111):

if ($name == $data['prefix'] . 'csrf_token') { continue; } comment out on same file (Line 98)

//$this->EE->extensions->end_script = TRUE;

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