I'm using EE 2.8.1 and Zoo Visitor 1.3.32.

I'm trying to output a list of all members using




and have also tried

{exp:channel:entries channel="members" status="not closed" dynamic="no"}



But each time it only outputs 3 members out of 15. The members it does output are guests and super admins - it won't output any member of the default Members group.

Any body come across this before?

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I figured out what's happening here.

I'm also using transcribe on this site and it somewhat hijacks the channel entries output. The entry ID needs to be in the exp_transcribe_entries_languages table to be output on the frontend.

All of the members that weren't outputting were added through a front end Zoo Visitor registration form but this wouldn't take into account the need to add the entry into this table.

Any that were outputting I had viewed/edited the entry in the CP, meaning Transcribe kicked in and sorted out the multilingual side of things.


Add transcribe='disable' to your channel entries or zoo visitor tag.

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