I am using the flat rates shipping plugin in cartthrob. I need to add a description for the shipping product, so I managed to get this far:

I added the following in cartthrob_shipping_flat_rates.php

                'name' => 'shipping_product_description',
                'short_name' => 'product_description',
                'type' => 'text'

This code added the fields I need to input a description to each shipping product i.e.(arrives within 7-14 days, arrives within 3 days etc.).


My question is, how do I make use of that content. In my template tags I am using the following:

<h3>{rate_title} Shipping</h3>

and this is outputting this:

USPS Priority Shipping {product_description}


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You'd need to return this extra information back to the template through a tag. Creating the new settings array as you have done will only store the information against your plugin, not automatically return it to the template.

I haven't tested this, but here's what I think you'd need to add to the plugin.

In the initialize() function, around line 59 you should see:

$this->rate_titles[$rate['short_name']] = $rate['title'];


$this->product_description[$rate['short_name']] = $rate['product_description'];

You should then be able to create a new tag variable in the plugin_shipping_options() function towards the end of the plugin.

public function plugin_shipping_options()
    $options = array();

    foreach ($this->rates as $rate_short_name => $price)
        $options[] = array(
            'rate_short_name' => $rate_short_name,
            'price' => $price,
            'rate_price' => $price,
            'rate_title' => $this->rate_titles[$rate_short_name],
            'product_description' => $this->rate_titles[$product_description]

    return $options;

You should then have access to the tag {product_description} in your template. As I said, not tested this so can't be sure it would work.

Also, I'd recommend changing your tag to something like shipping_rate_description to avoid any potential confusion with any channel entries tags that might be of a similar name.

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