Does anyone know of an add-on that offers the same functionality of Title Master but which is compatible with EE 2.9?

If you aren't familiar with Title Master I need something that will auto populate entry titles with an incremental value, prefixed by the value of another field (in this case an entry-id from a relationship field). This also needs to happen on the front end via a Channel Form.

Big ask, but it was working perfectly with Title Master until I updated the site.

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It may not have all the features you need, but just in case, MX Title Control works in EE 2.9.0 if you have the latest version (2.9) and apply the fix in this thread.

  • I've accepted this as it seems to be a reasonable alternative. But in the end I think I managed to work around the requirement for Title Master
    – foamcow
    Oct 20, 2014 at 9:56

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