I got the following error after using the grid fieldtype.enter image description here I started over and it went away. However, it happened again the next day when I went in and add ed another row. Again, I starred over again and its working now. Any ideas on how to fix it? Running 2.8.1

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See this in the bug reports at ellislab.com : https://support.ellislab.com/bugs/detail/20284/when-going-to-edit-an-entry-with-a-grid-field-on-it-i-get-php-and-mysql-err

Known Solution

The problem happens when an extra empty column gets added to the grid. It has no name, no short name, no data at all. It’s impossible to add an empty column through the editor, but it looks like it’s cropped up due to some third party add-ons.

Just delete the null column in the field editor (Admin- Channel Admin- Channel Fields) and you should be good.

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