My client wants to set email notifications based on product. So Product A would be mailed to [email protected], and Product B would be mailed to [email protected]. They would enter the recipient in the product entry.

At first I tried passing this data through the cart as a hidden input:

<input type="hidden" name="custom_data[notification_email_recipients]" value="{notification_email_recipients}" />

Then created an email notification within CartThrob's notifications panel with this as the To Email:


But CartThrob sends out an email notification to:


Which is kicked back by the email servers as undeliverable (obviously).

My question is: How can I pass a custom entry field through the shopping cart and then let CartThrob pull that field to send an email notification?

My second question is: Is there an easier way to accomplish this without passing hidden variables?

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I'm not sure you can do this without a custom extension/module.

I had a similar scenario where different ordered products needed to be notified to various email addresses.

What I did was add a hidden product option field with a unique variable, in my case with unique values of either "xProduct" or "xEvent". This gets stored as a custom field in the order data.

The value is written to the admin email template, just output as a data field somewhere.

All order emails go to a central mailbox but I then used server side email filtering, any emails that contained the (unique) word xEvent would be cc'd to [email protected], and any that contained xProduct cc'd to [email protected].

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