I have a site that I'm working on for the Boy Scouts: LHCBSA.info, they have a current site: LHCBSA.org. We are ready (almost) to switch over to the new site (LHCBSA.org would then point to the host for LHCBSA.info). When we are ready to do this I will simply change the DNS recorded for LHCBSA.org (no problem there, just changing where the @ record points to). My question is this... what will I need (if anything) to change in EE to make sure that when someone is visiting our site they will always have a .org address (we are keeping the .info address, i just don't want any one to use it)? EE was setup using the .info address so I'm assuming that after i change over to the .org address there will be something i will need to change.




The easiest thing for your to do is to change all your relevant paths/urls using either Deploy Helper $15 or Reelocate (free). My presonal preference is for Deploy Helper.

If you've set your site up using a multi environment such as the FocusLab Master Config set up then there'll be nothing you need to do as everything will just work.

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