It's all good on a refresh, but once the form is submitted, all goes wacky.

{exp:dynamo:form return="/events_keynote" search_id="{segment_2}"}

{exp:low_yearly_archives channel="public_events" end_year="2013" status="not closed" sort="desc"}
      {if year_count == 1}
      <div class="input-group margin-bottom-20">
        <select name="year" class="form-control">
          <option value="">Year</option>
            <option value="">All Years</option>
          <option value="{year}">{year}</option>
          {if year_count == total_years}


After a submit, all the yearly option values become blank. I have tried parse inward, dynamic=no, etc.... nothing will seem to make it work.

Is there something I am doing wrong or are these two plugins just simply incompatible? If so, it really unfortunate.

Please help!



The two add-ons aren't compatible, but you might have more luck using Mo’ Variables, which gives you the variable {post:year} to work with, amongst others.

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