I have a form I've created using DevDemon's 'Forms' module. To embed the form, it looks like I need to use {exp:forms:form form_name="my_survey"}.

I want to embed this form into a blog post on the Blog channel we have. So I added the tag in to the body of the blog post field (a rich text field).

It seems EE just outputs the string {exp:forms:form form_name="outlook_survey"} rather than actually parsing the tags. Any way around this?


Allows ExpressionEngine code to be used in entries and then parsed in the template. Currently, you cannot put EE tags into an entry/post and have them rendered in the template. Instead, the code itself will just display, unprocessed. This plugin makes it so any EE tags in an entry will actually be parsed and have results outputted.

Allow EE Code by EllisLab

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