I have created a file grid field option to store product images in a channel fields. To display one from them on the site I use:

    {product_image limit="1"}
            <img src="{product_image:image}" alt="{product_image:title}" class="img-responsive">

but it always pulls images as HTTP connection even when I will come to the site as HTTPS.

Any clue?


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The thing you should do is edit your upload preferences with a relative path and not an absolute, that is to say:

Server Path to upload directory = /the/actual/server-path/to/my-site/images
URL of Upload Directory = /my-site/images // Note we're not using http://my-site

This lets the path be more flexible by letting the browser/location use the current http method.

If you're using a bootstrap you can modify it there if not use the file manager within EE CP

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