Implementing the solution found on Bring Matrix Data Editing to the Front-End I've a matrix field that contains a P&T Dropdown field type

<select name="role_level[row_new_0][col_id_46]">
<option value="{option_value}"{selected}>{option_name}</option>

This doesn't work (no options output), the author of the post adviced to hard-code the options

<select name="level_matrix[row_new_0][col_id_46]">
<option value="">Choose Level</option>
<option value="Entry Level">Entry Level</option>
<option value="Experienced">Experienced</option>
<option value="Manager">Manager</option>
<option value="Executive">Executive</option>

How can i make the selected option remain "selected"? (will be doing this on many other fields)


  • Just posting a note here to let onlookers know that i'm still working on this for the time being (stuartmcd69 your code seems working.) I’ll post an update back here once i have something to share! Oct 14, 2014 at 12:39

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I got around this in a recent project by making the actual field in the entry a text field - the entries were ever only going to be editable via front end so a dropdown/select was redundant. Then using Low Variables, created a dropdown/select that I can call in when required. I actually created a few for my needs but could work for you.

Create form:

<select name="scrim_type" >
    {exp:low_variables:options var="lv_scrim_type"}
    <option value="{lv_scrim_type:data}"{selected}>{lv_scrim_type:data_label}</option>

-- This saves the selected option to the text field on save.

Edit Form

{exp:channel:form entry_id="segment_3"}
    <select  name="scrim_type" >
        {exp:low_variables:options var="lv_scrim_type"}
        <option value="{lv_scrim_type:data}" {if lv_scrim_type:data == scrim_type}selected{/if}>{lv_scrim_type:data_label}</option>

The "if" statement uses the entries value for the text field scrim_type to 'select' the active option.

Hope it helps :)


Maybe I am missing something but you have to set the option that the person has selected to selected="selected". This answer seems too easy though. What am I missing?

You were correct to hard code the values.

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