Attempting to return to different pages based on the success or failure of FreeMember Registration on Expression Engine.

The default attribute for the return URL is return='', however I cannot seem to find any documentation relating to different return locations based on the successful or unsuccessful registering.

Through testing I have found that the URL within return=''will appear only on a successful completion of registration, however should you make an error within any part of the registration form then the URL goes back to index.php without any return path added.

Q. Is there a specific custom attribute whereby you can define the URL for the unsuccessful completion of the register form?

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Can you share your template code? As you mentioned, the return parameter only applies to a successful form submission. If the submission is unsuccessful (because of validation errors), you'll have to handle those. Are you using error_handling="inline"? If so, you'll need to actually include the error tags in the form ({error:email}). It would help to see your template code.

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