For some reason I am not able to log into my EE Control Panel this morning. I was working on it last night without difficulty and this morning when I try and log in the username and password are cleared out of the fields and it comes back with empty fields. I have tried this in Safari and Firefox with the same result. This also happens with another user on the site. I am running EE 2.9.0.

Edit: I am seeing an unusually long session id at the end of the URL after trying to login:

Normal looking URL & session ID:


What I am seeing with failed login:


Has anyone else had similar experience? If so, what is the fix?

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The solution was found in an older EE bug report.

To resolve I had to disable the ‘cp_member_login’ hook in the extensions table where the ‘class’ value is ‘Republic_analytics_ext’

After that was disabled I was able to log in.

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