I'm using Expresso Store 1.6.5. and I'm having trouble with the order email templates that get sent out to buyers.

I would like to include variables like {you_save},{you_save_percent},{sale_price},{promo_code_value},{promo_code_type} and a few others. Ideally I would also include product photos as well as a link to the products themselves but it's not a huge deal...but for some reason those variables aren't appearing. They are wrapped inside an {items} tag but I still can't get them to show up. I've checked the documentation and it says they should be available. I've also tried wrapping the items tag around an exp:channels tag and still nothing.

Does anyone have a more complex e-mail template with this kind of information? Am I missing something obvious

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You do not want to wrap order specific tags (promo_code, order_total, etc) within the items loop as they won't show up.

To get custom fields in your email templates you will need to pass the entry_id to a channel entries tag and then have order specific items outside of the items loop

  {exp:channel:entries entry_id="{entry_id}"}
    {custom_image_field} - {price} - {title}

Promo Code: {promo_code}
Order Total: {order_total}
  • just tried it but I still can't get the following variables to work: {you_save} {you_save_percent} {sale_price} {promo_code_value} (the regular promo code variable works) the promo code value variable is outside the items loop while the others are inside just like in your example
    – Dovla
    Oct 18, 2014 at 22:18

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