I have a snippet used for navigation that causes a "blank" bit of text to be inserted into the rendered DOM when the encoding for the snippet file is set to utf-8 but not when the snippet encoding is set to ANSI.

The template the snippet is in is set to utf-8 and it renders like this in ALL browsers but you can only see the "blank" when using the webdeveloper tools in Chrome (see screenshot)

blank line before snippet.

Never seen this before but it is my first site using EE 2.9.2. Have not tested in other versions yet.

Anyone have any ideas?

Details: EE 2.9.2, Bootstrap 3.2.0, SnippetSync 1.1.3

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Snippet file needs to be set for UTF-8 without BOM.

Tested on other verions of EE and got consistent results until the snippet was encoded as UTF-8 without BOM.

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