this is happening randomly, but when I go to my login page, it sometimes just shows

on other occasions, I tried to view the filemanager but got a page with

{"rows":[{"file_id":"686","title":"logo220.png","file_name":"<a href=\"http:\/\/www.xyz.org\/images\/uploads\/emails\/logo220.png\" class=\"less_important_link overlay\" id=\"img_logo220png\" rel=\"#overlay\">logo220.png<\/a>","mime_type":"image\/png","upload_location_name":"emails","upload_date":"2014-10-20 03:43 PM","_actions":"<a href=\"loginURL.php?

it doesn't happen all the time so I'm a bit stumped.

does anyone have experience with that?

EDIT: it's happening on a couple of our sites now (on mediatemple's grid service) and sometimes, the login screen just shows "C=login"

  • i've seen this kind of behaviour with other php cmsses happen on iis servers. Oct 21, 2014 at 7:24
  • this site is on a linux server (mediatemple)
    – P..
    Oct 23, 2014 at 18:55

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turns out it was an issue related to the host: media temple offers different versions of PHP and the 'fastCGI' version can cause these issues. I switched to the 'stable' version and the issue disappeared.


Check the integrity of your installation. It is likely that some files in themes folder are missing or corrupt (the best thing is to re-upload the whole of CMS files, making sure to not overwrite configs of course)

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