I have a plugin which is setting the value of a stash variable based on segment URIs.

on my redir/index.html template, I have {exp:hippo_functions:redir} and the contents of my function (stripped) is:

$params = array(
    'name' => 'delivery_day',
    'scope' => 'user'


ee()->functions->redirect( ee()->functions->create_url($location) );

I've checked the value of the the 'delivery_day' stash immediately after setting it with Stash::get('delivery_day'); and it's returning the correct value, however on my redirected page - I have a separate function which checks the validity of the date using the same Stash::get('delivery_day'); call, however this time the value is empty.

Why isn't the value persisting across pages? I presumed it was the scope, which was why I set it to user - but could it be something else?

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Thanks to Croxton for the answer... I needed to add save => 'y' to the params array.

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