i was wondering if it was possible to output the same entry multiple times using the entry_id parameters on the channel:entries loop.


{exp:channel:entries entry_id="14|14|14"}

I need this function to work with Shortlist module from Squarebits to manage a simple cart.

Someone had the same problem before?


Not in that fashion, but if you stashed the item (using the Stash add-on) you could grab it a bunch of times without having to repeat the entries loop.


I'm the developer of Shortlist

Short answer : No.

Longer : Yes, but it takes extra work

Outputting repeated entries in the same loop is possible at the template parsing level, but is explicitly prevented by the channel:entries template parsing method.

The specific part at which channel->entries() does it's duplicate checking and removal in the build_sql_query() method, around line 2717 (in 2.9.2). That is their safety catch to stop repeats.

If you needed to do your own thing, you can, but you'll need to do a lot of leg work to get around it. To do that you'll need to load up a Parser instance yourself and pass it the entry data directly.

Note - Prior to 2.7.x this was simpler, and Shortlist did have an implementation that worked around things, but with the abstracted parser there's a lot of extra leg work to get it working.

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