What is best way to relate EE Entries with location (Region/City/Place) example 1. Entry of Simba National Park, 2. Then i choose park category (Game Park, Beach Park, Cultural Park, Mountain Park) 3. Now i Need to have location, or choose where its located, (Region/City/Place), sort of chain select on entry form? 4. I will later filter these parks by location, or search location to display parks etc

Thanks Paul

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Lots of option here:

Use a 3 level category structure:




Select categories as required for each entry. You can then call all entries in each category, with each deeper level of category refining the results.

Use 3 channels with relationships

  1. Regions channel (no relationships)
  2. Cities channel (relate city to Region entry)
  3. Places channel (relate place to City entry)

When you call Regions you can just show a list of regions, or you can output each region's Cities as parent related entries

When you call Cities you can just show a list of cities, or you can output each citie's places as parent related entries.

Or you could just use categories for Regions, and the relationship method for deeper data.

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