I am using the built-in mailing list activation template on an EE website I am working on and would like to include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

I have tried adding the tag {unsubscribe_url} to the bottom, but it does not seem that this tag is being parsed correctly.

Is there another way of achieving this?

Here is a snippet of my code:

<td height="50" align="middle">You are receiving this message because you have signed up to receive the newsletter. To unsubscribe, please click <a href="{unsubscribe_url}" style="color:#729134;">here</a></td>
  • can you elaborate on this by showing your email template code since {unsubscribe_url} should generate a link if you are using the built in mailing module. – foamcow Nov 4 '14 at 10:54
  • Please see code added – heinkasner Nov 4 '14 at 11:22
  • Can you output the value of {unsubscribe_url} for us please? it should be an ACTion link, ie link to the index of your site with the query string ?ACT=# where # is the action number for unsubscribe in the exp_actions table. – Blatant Apr 9 '15 at 11:19

Assuming you are using the standard MailingList module and you just can't get {unsubscribe_url} to work, you can create the unsubscribe URL yourself with a little PHP snippet:


  //fetch the action ID
  $actionID = ee()->functions->fetch_action_id('Mailinglist','unsubscribe');

  //was it a valid ACT ID? If not the mailing list is probably not installed
  $unsubUrl = "";
  if ( !empty($actionID) && isnumeric($actionID) && intval($actionID) == $actionID ) {
      //create the URL
      $unsubUrl = ee()->functions->fetch_site_index(true) . '?ACT=' . $actionID;
  } else {
      //optionally handle issues here, we have no action!

  //Display the link
  if ( !empty($unsubUrl) ){ ?>

    <a href="<?php echo $unsubUrl; ?>" title="Unsubscribe">Unsubscribe</a>

  <?php }

Ammendum Of course, if you're using the standard template you can't use PHP as above...

I've copied the default template as it is supplied by the module (fresh install) and I notice a couple of little things in your snippet. Here's the default template:


To remove your email from this mailing list, click here:
{if html_email}<a href=\"{unsubscribe_url}\">{unsubscribe_url}</a>{/if}
{if plain_email}{unsubscribe_url}{/if}

I notice that the quotes are all escaped in the default template, looking at the 3rd line ({if html_email}...) you'll see all the quotes are escaped \".

Could you try the example with the escaped quotes please? Also as I mentioned can you confirm the unsubscribe action is set up correctly (i.e. is present in exp_actions)?

  • MY bad, read the question... You're using the built in template so PHP code is not allowed. I have edited my answer... – Blatant Apr 9 '15 at 11:49

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