I've read P&T Field Pack 2.1.1 on EE2.8.1 Installation Errors Notice and warnings so I'm aware of that.

What I have is several Field Pack Checkbox fields across more than one site in an MSM installation, all of which seem to be behaving just fine: both in terms of output and field settings editability, except for one…

One field only is generating wrong output, and PHP errors if I try to edit the field.

Message: Undefined index: field_fmt_options
Filename: fieldtypes/EE_Fieldtype.php
Message: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
Filename: helpers/form_helper.php

Which seems odd. Can't see anything in the DB so far to hint at why. It would make more sense to me if all the PT checkbox fields were issuing the same errors.

Anyway, I guess P&T FieldPack is dying a slow death? What alternatives do people recommend?

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That’s an EE core file, not a Field Pack file. Try updating EE and see if that helps. If not, please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can try to look into it from there.

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