I'm in the unfortunate position of needing to fix a third-party plugin that was created under contract; the original developers are not available to fix it.

From within the plugin, I'll need to look up field data from a relationships field. e.g.: "shirts" has a relationship field that points to the "vendors" channel, which contains a field "email", so in php using the EE classes or raw SQL, I'd need to look up:


After a bit of Google'ing, I didn't find anything documenting the internal structure of relationship fields, or how this might be accomplished.

Any help would be appreciated!

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You may need to query the exp_relationships table directly. It uses a lot of ids, so you'll have to know them in advance, but from your requirements, it sounds like that shouldn't be a big deal.

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    Thanks, it actually ended up being fairly easy to do. You were correct, I needed to access the relationships table directly. Feb 26, 2015 at 23:55

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