Once a day for the past week our websites have been going down around the same time, but then slowly comes back up after 30 minutes. We've discovered it's due to a MySQL overload caused by the Super Search add-on. Below is an example of the query, but add hundreds more entry ID's to it:

/* Super Search ct/cd search */ SELECT t.entry_id FROM exp_channel_titles t LEFT JOIN exp_channel_data cd ON cd.entry_id = t.entry_id WHERE t.entry_id != 0 AND t.entry_date < 1415828729
AND (t.expiration_date = 0 OR t.expiration_date > 1415828729) AND t.channel_id IN (7) AND t.status = 'open' AND t.site_id IN (1) /Begin subids statement/ AND t.entry_id IN ('83','84','85','88','89','90','91','92','93','94','95','96','97','98','99','100','102','103','104','105','160','161','163','185','187','193','196','203','209','220','221','225','227','230','231','232','233','234','235','239','240','249','301','301','301','301','301','301','316','317','320','321','322','323','324','325','326','327','328','329','330','332','333','334','335','336','340','341','342','343','344','345','355','359','360','365','366','368','369','370','371','379','380','381','382','384','385','386','391','392','393','394','395','398','407','408','409','410','411','413','415','416','418','419','423','434','435','436',

<---then skipping to the bottom of the query-->

44301','44302','44308','44318','44321','44322','44324','44326','44335','44336','44337','44338','44339','44340','44343','44346','44347','44348','44351','44357') /End subids statement/ ORDER BY t.sticky DESC, t.entry_date DESC, t.entry_id DESC

What's causing this and how can we fix it? It has started to become a big issue lately.

  • To confirm, this is the query generated by the addon itself? Also, can you post the template code being used in relation to SuperSearch itself, particularly for you results/sorting?
    – Jeremy
    Nov 13 '14 at 2:35
  • It appears to be a query generated by the addon. We're using Super Search in a variety of places, but none that would create a query like this. Particularly at the same time every day. Nov 13 '14 at 4:39
  • If you turn on the output profiler in EE, how long does this query take? There should be an execution time displayed next to the query. Make sure you cleared the Super Search cache first. Also, have you had a look at your server logs? Is that how you suspect Super Search's query? Also, as others have mentioned, template code would be great.
    – Solspace
    Nov 13 '14 at 9:32
  • Looking at the server logs at the time of slowdown would be helpful. A number of things could be happening on your server (or in EE) at that specific time, which might give some insight.
    – Solspace
    Nov 13 '14 at 9:37
  • It's definitely Super Search generating the query. Is it normal for it to try and pull 22,000+ IDs every 24 hours? As that looks like what's happening here. Nov 13 '14 at 16:46

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