I'm using Solspace Super Search, but wondering if it's possible to change the format for date-searching strings?

It's my understanding that you need to supply date ranges as the following <input name="event_start_date-from" value="20141113">, and filtering this way works just fine.

However, as I'm using a datepicker for the user, this isn't a very friendly way to display dates. Instead, it'd be preferable to show as something like the below.

enter image description here

Is this even possible, or maybe I've been going about it the wrong way?

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Super Search accepts the YYYYMMDD format, but depending on your datepicker plugin, you might be able to set up the plugin to have a hidden field for the Super Search YYYYMMDD format, and a "dummy" field, visible to users, that would be formatted the way you want.

  • Yep, thats exactly what I've done - just wanted to see if there was a simpler, more obvious way that I was just missing. Thanks!
    – crawf
    Nov 13, 2014 at 21:28

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