I'm outputting some images using a Matrix field, but they are outputting on frontend in a random order. I'm trying to output according to rows they are currently in.

I tried using sort and orderby Matrix field tags, but no luck.

Here's sample code:

        <li><img src="{image}" alt="{title}" /></li>

Ended up being a js issue with the flexslider script.

This wasn't working:

        $(window).load(function() {
                animation: "slide"

Replaced with this and worked:

            animation: "slide",
            start: function(slider){

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Strange that you're getting a random output since orderby="id" is the default. Are you sure there isn't some kind of JavaScript that's reordering your fields on the front-end? You could try disabling JavaScript to verify that.

Otherwise you could try explicitly setting the id field as the orderby (which I've never had to do before).

{homepage_sliders orderby="id"}

but it definitely seems wrong.

There's also the fixed_order="" parameter which let's you specify the order of the ids

{homepage_sliders fixed_order="1|3|2|4"}
  • Definitely strange. Jarrett, you were on the right track with the js error. It was actually an issue with the flexslider script. Included my answer above. Thanks for the help.
    – frshjb373
    Commented Nov 21, 2014 at 23:21
  • Had a similar issue on a site I built in 2013 and needed to update & it turned out to be exactly this. Thanks guys, saved me a lot of debugging time.
    – StvCummins
    Commented Dec 18, 2015 at 12:14

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