I have a simple blog displaying a single entry using segment _2 as the url title.

I want to display a list on this same page that displays links to read other entries by the same author.

The only way I have been able to do ti so far is by adding the author_id to segment 3 but that is not acceptable to the client.

Is there an embed method or something else where I can display the other entries from the same author without using a segment to get the author id?

{exp:channel:entries channel="blog" entry_url="{segment_2}" limit="1" dynamic="yes"}

Other Entries by {author}

 {exp:channel:entries channel="blog"  limit="12" dynamic="no" author_id="???"}
<li><a href="{title_permalink=blog}">{title}</a></li>

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using an embed here is the embed:

{exp:channel:entries channel="commentary" limit="12" dynamic="no" author_id="{embed:author_id}"}
<li><a href="{title_permalink=commentary-test}/">{title}</a></li>

Parent page:

{embed="commentary-test/author" author_id="{author_id}"} 

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