I have a supersearch tag that is searching through my channel which includes a playa field.

This is my tag:


The speakers tag is a Playa field (containing just a first_name and last_name) and the title.

It appears that my playa field is not being search, even though I have it set to searchable in the channel_field settings.

Does anybody know what's going on here?

Thanks so much!

  • What version of EE, Super Search and Playa are you using? Have you checked that the keyword you're using for your search is present in the exp_channel_data table in the column corresponding to your Playa field? Also, did you try clearing Super Search cache (Preferences) and rebuilding the lexicon (Utilities)? – Solspace Dec 4 '14 at 8:00
  • @solspace I'm running EE v2.7.3, Playa v4.4.5, and Super Search v2.0. I tried clearing both the cache and rebuilding the lexicon, and yes. The term (in this case the speaker's name) is in the exp_channel_data table. – nicholasodonnell Dec 5 '14 at 18:14

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