(I am using Structure module version 3.3.6)

Hey guys! I have made this structure so far :

Home -> Products -> Commercial furniture -> Showcase counters So showcase counters is a sibling of commercial furniture, which the last one is a sibling of products, etc..

So right now when I am on my showcase counters page, the url looks like this : http://www.my-web-site.com/products/commercial-furniture/showcase-counters

In my showcase counters page, I created channel of my products but this is where I am stuck, how can I get on my product page with this kind of url : [...]/products/commercial-furniture/showcase-counters/product-1

I tried this in my showcase counters page : {exp:channel:entries channel="products" [...]} [...] a href="{title_permalink='/products/commercial-furniture/showcase-counters/'}">{product_name} [...] {/exp:channel:entries}

When I created this href, I get the right URL but is there any way to tell which template to use? Cause right now I got this url : [...]/products/commercial-furniture/showcase-counters/product-1 which is exactly what I want but I can't find where to put a specific template...

Is there any way to achieve this? Thanks!!

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You would want to attach a listing channel to /showcase-counters/ and use a channel tag to call of those entries from the /showcase-counters/ template. Don't forget dynamic="no" as EE requires this to call entries not related to the current URL structure (with or without Structure).

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