I have just purchased Low Search.

Is it possible to perform multiple keyword searches like the following:

Holiday, Cyprus

This does not return the same results as if I searching for the following individually:




What I would expect is results based on keyword Holiday and ALSO keyword Cyprus but this is not the case.

A heads up on this would be great.


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Yes, with Low Search you can use multiple keywords. Here are the docs on the Keywords filter.

Specifically, check out the search_mode. By default, this is set to All, meaning searching for "holiday cyprus" will return entries that contain both "holiday" and "cyprus". You can change that to Any, which will return entries that contain either "holiday" or "cyprus" (or both).

If you're getting unexpected results, submit a ticket in the official Low Search support forums.

  • Hi Low. I have it configured this way using search_mode="all" and I do get unexpected results. I am just getting starting out with it, so it could well be me. I will submit a support. Thanks ;). Dec 16, 2014 at 9:10

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