I've built a plugin that runs on a page & pulls data from a get variable in the URL. Page URIs look like '/page&foo=bar'. That's working perfectly.

I've also built pagination into my plugin, since I have some large datasets outputting. That also works perfectly on it's own.

The problem is that when I have a Get variable in the URL my pagination links don't account for it. Is there a trick to getting an add-on to recognize Get variables in the URL? I can provide some example code if needed, but I suspect there's something obvious I'm missing here.

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There isn't "something obvious" you're missing, as far as I know. I try and maintain the query string in pagination for Low Search, which ended up doing an obtuse regular expression to find/replace URLs without query strings.

Simplest solution is to not automate it, but use something like {pagination_url}?{current_query_string} in your pagination links.

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