If you had this structure

  • Main - Channel + Entry + Related/categories Entries
    • Main Sub - Entry + Related/categories Entries
      • Sub - Entry + Related/categories Entries
        • Article Entry

Where each category from depth 1-3 contained entry data and lists of entries how would you approach it?

My first thought was to create a channel for each depth (fixed) , and associate entries at the article level with them (or associate articles with the parent)... but I wonder if native categories might be better, using segments to trigger channel information?


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Honestly once you get past 3 levels deep I start looking at alternate ways of building navigation. I prefer the Taxonomy add-on, but have heard good things about Nav-ee as well.

  • Thanks Michael. So far using categories, GW Codecategory and some templates at the top level (these wont change often if ever) - I have a working prototype...
    – liamcrean
    Jan 15, 2015 at 20:44

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