Hi wondering if it's possible to do a conditional on price inside of the product tags.

For example..

{if price > '0.00'} Hello {/if}

I'd like display different formatting if price is more than 0.00


You would probably want to use price_val in your conditionals since it will output just the value minus any currency formatting.

{if price_val > 0}Hello{/if}

If you have a product with a price of £10.00 price_val would output 10.00

You can add _val to any of the price related tags like {sale_price_val} or {price_inc_mod_val}

From the docs:

All price variables are pre-formatted according to your currency formatting settings. If you want the unformatted amount, simply append _val to the variable.

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Looks like this is working:

{if price != "£0.00"} Hello {/if}
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