I need to set multiple fields as "required" in Channel Form/Zoo Visitor, but I can't find anything in the documentation that describes how to do this. I can't set the fields to be required in the CP because validation needs to happen at form level, not entry level.

None of the following works:

rules:field_1|field_2=“required" rules:field_1=“required"|field_2=“required" rules:field_1=“required" rules:field_2=“required"

Anyone got any ideas?


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According to the documentation the required rules should work. If they don't I'd recommend posting a bug report here.


I think there is an error in your rule formatting


I'm not sure that type of condition is allowed in the rules parameter


The following syntax works:

rules:field_1="required" rules:field_2="required"

The problem was to do with Field Pack radio buttons, which aren't validating properly.

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