Here writing again because I do not know how to solve a problem.

I'm using Super Search and trying to search inside a channel using a keywords from other channel:

{exp:channel:entries channel="channel-1" limit="1"}

    {exp:super_search:results channel="channel-2" search="keywords={channel-1-custom-field}"}


{super_search_total_results} works and gets the number of results. I want to know how to get {channel-2-custom-field} and {title} from channel 2.

Thanks in advance.

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Since Super Search uses the same Library as the {exp:channel:entries} tag pair, they share similar variable names. The outer {exp:channel:entries} tag pair would parse first, followed by the inner {exp:super_search:results} tag. This would be why {title}, for example, parses to the outer {exp:channel:entries} value.

In other words, the issue is similar to nesting two {exp:channel:entries} tag pairs inside each other: you can't do that, or at least EE won't parse correctly.

One way around this is to place the {exp:super_search:results} code in an embed tag (and pass your {channel-1-custom-field} variable in the embed). This avoids parsing order issues and variable clashes.

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