Is there a hook at the completion of a DataGrab import? I need to run a script after an import.


It looks like DataGrab has three hooks:

  • ajw_datagrab_pre_import
  • ajw_datagrab_modify_data
  • ajw_datagrab_post_import

If you open up datagrab_model.php and search for active_hook you will find them.

I haven't ever used them myself and I don't see any documentation on them. But they're worth a shot!

And as the developer himself pointed out in his comment below, the one you are after is ajw_datagrab_post_import so it sounds like you're in business.

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    ajw_datagrab_post_import will run after an import has been run. They're undocumented because they may change :) – Andrew Weaver Jan 29 '15 at 22:46

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