I'm working on a site that is online in a dev environment. I'm getting tons of new member spam. I have snaptcha installed and it's set to High and it doesn't seem to be helping. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!


Since it is your dev environment the easiest way to prevent registrations is to turn them off via Members > Preferences.

While that doesn't really address the root of the issue it is effective. If you want to help combat the spam while still allowing member registrations you can do a couple of things.

  • Change the member profile trigger word to something other then "member". You can do this by either navigating to Members > Preferences > Profile Trigger Word. The option that I use and that the FocusLab Master Config file uses it just to set a random string each page load by adding something along the lines of below to the config.php file

    // randomize the member profile trigger word because we'll never need it $config['profile_trigger'] = rand(0,time());

  • Use a different Spam service/add-on. I have never used Snaptcha so I have no experience with it but I have used Low NoSpam for as long as I can remember and have only had a very limited number of spam registrations come in during that time.

  • Thank you, Justin. Great advice here! I have Low's extension installed as well. Jan 30 '15 at 16:41

You may also consider building invitations-based system.

Invitations add-on for ExpressionEngine will allow site visitors request invitations; and new signups will only be accepted from people who have valid invitation code.

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