I have a project where we display a table of books and a column in that table represents a playa field where 1 or more related authors may be selected. I would really like to then be able to sort on author with the first playa entry for each book being considered the 'primary' author and the sort apply to that...

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The results I get when trying to order by this field appear to be rather random, wondering if this is partially related to Using Playa field to order channel entries list

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Instead of sorting based on the contents of the TD, it would probably be better to set a data attribute to that TD and sort by that value. So instead of...

<td>2 Authors<br>Joe Bloggs<br>Bloggsy Malone</td>

You would want

<td data-primary_author="Joe Bloggs">2 Authors<br>Joe Bloggs<br>Bloggsy Malone</td>

Which could be achieved with

<td data-primary_author="{exp:playa:parents channel='author' limit='1'}{title}{/exp:playa:parents}">

You'd also have to adjust your JavaScript to sort by data attribute rather than contents.

  • Very creative idea! Filing this in my memory.
    – Anna_MediaGirl
    Commented Feb 10, 2015 at 21:37

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