We've just updated a site to use LS3.5.1 from 3.3.2 and I'm getting the following errors. EE is 2.9.0 - an upgrade is an option as the site is brand new.

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: 7

Filename: keywords/lsf.keywords.php

Line Number: 869

We're using Structure, so for the link to the page we want to use {page_uri}. The results are all working as expected - we're just getting these errors.

I've been into each collection and added the language option. I've re-indexed the collections and switching {page_uri} for {auto_path} removes the error notices.

I've also deleted the module entirely and re-uploaded to make sure we're not missing anything in the filters folder which I've seen could be an issue.

Any thoughts?

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I'll get the error fixed in the next version. For now, open up /low_search/filters/keywords/lsf.keywords.php and look up line #869, which reads:

$row['auto_path'] = $this->_urls[$row['channel_id']] . $row['url_title'];

Change that to:

$row['auto_path'] = @$this->_urls[$row['channel_id']] . $row['url_title'];

Note the @ added before $this->.


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