Just jumping into Resource Router by Rob Sanchez and hit a wall already. I've forgone the category URL indicator as I believe it works without it. I'm attempting to achieve the following URL structure:

/posts/ -Display a list of ALL categories

/posts/category_url -Display a list of entries belonging to the category

/posts/category_url/entry_url -Display an entry that has the category

I currently have:

$env_config['resource_router'] = array(
        'posts/:category/:any' => function($router, $wildcard_1, $wildcard_2) {
                // is segment_3 a valid URL title?
                if ($wildcard_2->isValidUrlTitle()) {
                }   //is segment_2 a valid category URL title?
                elseif ($wildcard_1->isValidCategoryUrlTitle()) {
                else { //We're at the root - show category list

The Valid URL title portion works but stumped on what I require to get the other 2 working. Any insight gratefully accepted.

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You can do this without a callback function:

$config['resource_router'] = array(
    'posts' => 'templates/index',
    'posts/:category_url_title' => 'templates/cat_entries',
    'posts/:category_url_title/:any' => 'templates/view',

The way I've done it before:

posts/:any           => templates/index,
posts/:any/:any      => templates/cat_entries,
posts/:any/:any/:any => templates/view
  • Marked Rob's as the answer as it had that little more error checking then a simple :any approach. Much appreciated the speed of your help however. Feb 8, 2015 at 8:18

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