Im trying to use Low Yearly Archives to show a list months with a list to an individual month of articles.

I also want to show a list of years excluding the current year so the page will look something like this:

Jan Feb

2014 2013 2012

Ive had this running on earlier versions of EE but can't get it join on 2.9

Here is the code:


$year = $this->EE->localize->decode_date("%Y", $this->EE->localize->now);


{exp:low_yearly_archives channel="news" start_month="1" status="not closed" sort="desc" show_future_entries="no" start_year="<?=$year?>" end_year="<?=$year?>" dynamic="yes"}
{if num_entries > 0}
<a href="{site_url}news/archive/{year}/{month_num}/" title="{num_entries} entries in {month} {year}">{month}</a> | {num_entries}

{exp:low_yearly_archives channel="news" status="not closed" sort="desc" end_year="<?=$year-1?>" dynamic="no"}
{if year == "<?=$year?>"}
{if entries_in_year > 0}
<a href="{site_url}news/year/{year}/" title="{entries_in_year} entries in {year}"><strong>{year}</strong></a>

Im sure it has something to due with the php part but I can't get it working.

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I figured it out. I needed to change: decode_date to format_date

$year = $this->EE->localize->format_date("%Y", $this->EE->localize->now);

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