I have this page for showing articles, and I want to have links below the article to paginate to the next and previous.

This is my code:

{exp:channel:entries channel="articles" dynamic="yes" url_title="{segment:article}" status="open|featured" paginate="bottom"}
  <section class="block block--intro">
   <div class="panel">
    &lt;header class="panel__heading"&gt;
    <div class="panel__body">
      {exp:ce_img:pair src="{article_featured_image}"}
       <img src="{made}" alt="" width="{width}" height="{height}" />

    <footer class="panel__footer">
     <ul class="list-unstyled list-inline meta">
      <li><i class="fa fa-user fa-fw"></i>Written by {author}</li>
      <li><i class="fa fa-calendar fa-fw"></i><time>{entry_date format="%F %j%S %Y"}</time></li>
      <li><i class="fa fa-folder-o fa-fw"></i>{categories}{category_name}, {/categories}</li>


   <article class="article">
    <div class="wrapper">



    {if previous_page}
     <a href="{auto_path}">Previous Page</a> &nbsp;
    {if next_page}
     <a href="{auto_path}">Next Page</a>



For my Template Route for this template I have:

articles/{article:alpha_dash} and set Segments Required to Yes.

What am I doing wrong? No code is being displayed for the pagination.

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The {paginate} tag is used to paginate multiple results on list pages. Since you are on a detail page and you are trying to link to next / previous entries in the articles channel, have you tried using the next / previous entry links instead?

Also, since you are using routes and url_title, you don't need EE to look at the URL structure. I would use dynamic="no". I would also use limit="1" in there.

  • Brilliant, this works a treat. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
    – Nick Toye
    Feb 16, 2015 at 11:30
  • No problem. Glad I could be of some help. Feb 17, 2015 at 5:37

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